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There are one too many factors that may potentially cause problems for your private swimming pool. Unfortunately, Singapore’s climate and occasionally erratic weather are one of them. This and a myriad of other elements means that residential swimming pools tend to require a wide range of high-quality pool maintenance services to ensure the lifespan and usability of your pool.

The cost for various swimming pool services carried out will depend on the size of the pool, the scope of the maintenance, repair or construction works, and the skills, experience and tools used by your swimming pool service providers. Swimming pool specialists like Skypeak Maintenance have the essential technical, structural and mechanical knowledge and thus can offer sound advice on how to best design your pool or provide an accurate diagnosis of your swimming pool issues. Throughout our years of servicing customers and offering customised swimming pool solutions, we have come to realise that private pool owners have their own set of specific demands and unique needs. That is where our expertise and highly-customised diagnosis and solutions come into play.


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